Friday, March 06, 2009

on the bookshelf....

When I was away last week, I visited several search of books, magazines, Godiva (have you tried their new chocolate pearls? Definitely the most economical way to eat Godiva....since a tin can last a long while - if you only eat a couple at a time!)...and the odd Starbucks.

While I've been making a concerted effort to limit the amount of "stuff" that I buy and bring home to my (over-flowing) nest, I did come home with a few books. A couple of them were ones that I'd been eyeing for a while...and I could resist no longer. One of these is Masters: Art Quilts.

(of course, after looking at this price, I'm already wishing that I'd waited and just ordered it on-line...)

Featuring the work of 40 quilters, this book is filled with eye candy and inspiration. It is always interesting to be able to study a number of pieces created by the same artist...and there are lots of pictures to look at (up to a dozen or so pieces by the same artist). I find books like these never really collect too much dust - they can be picked up at any time, and something new can be found.

...I think I've been enjoying it all the more because it's an art form other than rug hooking. I'm feeling a little over-exposed in the hooked rug department lately. Did you know that the Welcome Mat now has over 3,500 photos? I feel as though I've looked at almost every one in the last few days...and I'm feeling a little numb.

P.S. I was going through my referrals and I've added a few new blogs to the list <--