Wednesday, March 18, 2009

tonight's sky

...just arrived home from my sister's, where we enjoyed cake with my mum for her birthday. Shortly after we finished, the phone rang and someone told us that if we went outside right now, we'd be able to see the space shuttle flying over Emsdale. So we all made a mad dash for the door, and saw what looked like an over-sized fire fly zooming behind the trees. It was lucky that we were told what to what to look for, because I would never have guessed it otherwise ;-) Was anyone else able to catch a glimpse?

Later, when I was dropping AJ off at home, I looked up in the sky and couldn't believe all of the stars. I don't think that I've ever seen so many stars - except for in the summertime. On top of this, we've been having such warm, spring-like weather the last few days, it's pretty easy to feel like summer is right around the corner. I can hardly wait to go swimming in the lake.

• • • • • • • •

I haven't posted any hooking stuff for a couple of days because I haven't been doing any. I spent much of last night searching high and low for a picture that I thought I'd clipped to put in one of my scrapbooks. I can almost picture it in my mind - but not in nearly enough detail for it to prompt the next purse design that I want to create. When I had looked everywhere that I might possibly have tucked such a clipping, I began to doubt that it was a clipping that I was looking for, and so I resorted to looking through two years of Selvedge, every Kaffe Fassett book I could find (there were 6), and another stack of magazines. It seems the more I stressed about it, the fuzzier the image became in my mind. I finally gave up and (mostly) accepted that one day it will just show up. Not doubt it will happen when I've forgotten why I wanted it in the first place! I hate it when things like this happen - it makes me feel like I getting old. It's disturbing to feel as though you are losing your mind and becoming forgetful.

I am going have to try a different plan...and I'm hoping to get something down on paper in the next day or two. I really want to get hooking - I've been missing it the last few days.

In the meantime, because I think that pictureless posts are missing something (no pun intended) are some of the strips I used in the squares purse. They're just draped over the arm of my couch...but I was reminded how much easier and faster it is to use leftovers that are pre-sorted. I had stopped and pulled a bunch of strips out of my bins, making sure that each was long enough - before I started hooking them semi-randomly. It was much faster than choosing individual strips one-at-a-time (and from 5 different baskets) as I hooked.