Thursday, October 01, 2009

getting ready

It's the Ruggers United Gathering (R.U.G.) on Saturday, and I will be a vendor there for the second time. I'll be bringing all sorts of slub (shown above), silk worms, and handles....and a few more things, as well. Of course, I'm not yet nearly I will be busy assembling and labelling everything tonight and tomorrow night - and wishing that I hadn't spent the last two evenings reading my book and watching episodes of The Closer (although both are quite enjoyable :-) )

The R.U.G. program is being provided by "the Others" this time around. "The Others" are all of the people who come to R.U.G. who do not belong to one of the groups who are in the rotation for providing the program (such as Orillia, Barrie, Lindsay, etc.). I am one of "the Others" ;-) If you are also one, don't forget that it is our turn to bring the snacks and the (nut-free) sweets on Saturday.....

Saturday might also be the last time you can see the complete hooked carousel together in one place...since the horse are being returned to their creators afterwards.

Hope to see you there!