Tuesday, October 13, 2009

N.S. Day One: Sunrise Trail

I heart Nova Scotia! Have I said that before? It's so great to return to a place you've already been to a few times before....except for the part where you already have a long list of all of your favourite places you want to visit again. Not to worry though, we've visited a couple of new places already.

The fall colours are not quite the same as we have at home (it looks like maybe they had a big storm? that caused many of them to fall already....because there are still lots waiting to turn). It's not quite as lovely as last year, but still quite pretty none-the-less.

Since yesterday was Thanksgiving, many places were closed for the day....and we decided to drive around for a bit instead. We drove along part of the Sunrise Trail, stopping in Pugwash to pick out some beautiful pewter.

We also had a bit of time to walk along the beach at Heather Beach....and I found some pretty rocks, including a few more heart shaped ones - they are my favourite. (This picture is not the best -- it was taken while they were laying on the floor in the back seat of our rental car...)

We capped off the day with another delicious dinner at Duncan's (the local pub which has featured prominently in all of my previous trips to Amherst)...and then it was early to bed, in an attempt to get rid of my cold.