Thursday, October 22, 2009

N.S. Day Five: third day of class

(this was one of my favourites in Deanne's studio....I love it!)

The last day of class is always a bit of a sad day...but Friday was a pretty good last day.

I'd already decided that I wasn't really in love with my piece (a direct consequence of making a rash decision about what to do on the first day -- I never decide so I should have questioned my surprise at having my drawing on the backing so fast. It's just not the way I normally operate.) I wasn't unhappy with my decision - I felt more relieved than anything. Although I was liking what I had done so far, I just didn't feel connected enough to the idea to follow through and finish such a large piece.

Instead, I spend much of the day winding some skeins into balls, looking at some of the different books that people bought to share in class, leafing through Doris' magnificent journal, participating in the various exercises and listening to the presentations. Then, during one of Doris' walkabouts....she suggested that instead of abandoning my piece entirely, that I just shrink it (squaring it off around the section that I had done so that it would be about one tenth the size). It was a great idea and I was back hooking on it again...

Doris also shared another rug with the class - this one hooked almost entirely with sweaters from all over the world.

I haven't hooked with sweaters before, but seeing this rug makes me want to try. Doris said she cuts the sweaters in the same direction as the ribbing (i.e. if you were cutting the sleeves you would cut from wrist to shoulder).

Other highlights of the day included a trip to the Fibre Market (which should not be missed if you go next year! It's also best that you go early - even if it means leaving class for a little break before lunch :-) ) and listening to Deanne reading a couple of passages from her new book (due out next Fall). Oh, and there was one last supper at Duncan's ;-)