Tuesday, October 20, 2009

home sweet home

With all of the last-minute preparation that is usually required before going away, making sure my place is left clean and neat is often the last thing that I feel like doing. Still, I try my best (and I am always amazed at how the job seems to fit the time I have to spend) ....and usually manage to pull it off. Apart from morbid thoughts of not making it home from my trip (and my sisters having to sort through the sty), my other motivation is that it is just oh, so much better to come home to a tidy place. It's also easier to tame the chaos that always accompanies unpacking....

Ever since I arrived home just after two o-clock today, I've hardly stopped. I unpacked all the suitcases, put (mostly) everything away, realized just how much I contributed to the local Maritime economy ($$$), bought groceries, sorted the laundry, read the mail, cooked supper (and lunch for tomorrow!), responded to almost all of the emails....and now I've finally got a moment to rest -- oops, I mean post! ;-) I will be taking some time in the next few days to complete the rest of my travel report.....in the meantime, here's a full confession of what I purchased. I must preface this to say that I was shocked (horrified might be a better word) to discover how much I had bought -- any and all of the room available following the purse class was filled (and then some!) -- I wasn't joking about doing my part to contribute to the economy!

At the same time, I don't regret buying any of the items I purchased from local artists, craftspeople and small businesses (which is pretty much everything) -- I just wish that I'd spent a little less money. On with the show and tell....

Gorgeous hand-dyed cotton (for Sashiko) and needles from Sande Gunning

Bag by Christine Stanley, Basket from Basket Weavers of PEI, Pewter from Basic Spirit