Sunday, September 26, 2010

last few days...

I've been keeping my head down and my butt up for the last few days....hooked two more medium-sized coin purses and started getting patterns ready for classes. My poor sewing machine was working very hard yesterday – and didn't appreciate the sweat-shop like conditions. The feed dog gear (that orange wheel) is missing quite a few teeth on the top. Grrr!

I just got back from dropping it off in Orillia for repairs....and am now busy crossing my fingers it will be ready for me to pick up when I go to RUG on Saturday. If I though praying might help, I'd do that, too!

On a more positive note, I am loving my two newest coin purses.....

Each one is like it's own mini-experiment in colour and design....which make them so fun - and quick - to hook. Now if only the finishing were happening with as much speed and enthusiasm....hmm, I guess I will need to work on that as soon as my machine comes back (I was in the middle of sewing linings when it died).

In the meantime, I'm going to change gears (no pun intended) and get to work on assembling my ideas for my upcoming inspiration and creativity class. I've been planning it all in my head for months....but now that it's fast approaching, it's time to organize them in a useful way.