Sunday, October 31, 2010

Greetings from Vermont

Greetings from Vermont!

We hit the road early this morning, when it was still dark outside. It really feels a little like we entered a sort of weather time warp over the course of today – going from this….(in Algonquin Park, around 8am)

To this…… (just outside of Bennington Vermont, around 5pm)

We took a different route than usual, and it was nice to see some different scenery along the way. This is the first time we’ve used the GPS for such a long trip….and it has already noticeably reduced the tension between driver (me) and absent-minded navigator (my poor mum). I think it will have to tag along on all of our trips together from now on…..

After finding a place to stay, we had a great supper at the Madison Brewing Company, here in Bennington. The food was delicious, but definitely the highlight was the beer sampler – 4 oz samples of their 7 most popular brews. Mum and I shared it, and had lots of fun discussing (in a very inexpert way) our thoughts on each one. The final conclusion: 3 were excellent, 2 were quite good, and 2 were not finished.

Our plan is to hit the road fairly early in the morning, and head east through the National Forest, stopping at Dorr (I have a funny feeling that my self-imposed wool diet will soon be over in a very big way) and a few fabric stores along the way, and eventually looping our way around to Lebanon.

Back soon…..with more from the road….