Tuesday, November 02, 2010

having fun....

....and suffering from stimulation overload. We've been to several yarn and fabric stores over the last two days and we are overflowing with ideas of projects to come. So far we've both been quite noble and exercised a fair amount of restraint, but still we seem to leave every store with a bag in hand. I keep chanting "sewing machine" over and over in my head, to remind myself of my extravagant purchase just before I left home....and I think it's saved me from going overboard more than once.

I don't think I've taken any pictures over the last couple of days....and my camera is in the car, so I can't really check Sorry. We have a few shops to hit in the morning, before we head back to Vermont and embark on another scenic mountain drive....I will make more of an effort to snap a few tomorrow.