Thursday, November 11, 2010

MP by OP • Matrix Mats

Remember Jill's first AMM? She's back with another one -- and I think it's even better!

In her own words....
I found it was a very real challenge to choose each colour. I had no idea that would be so difficult, but it was a valuable exercise. I used some of your Crazy 8s that I had left from my Zippers mat and then used wools from my own stash, as well. It surprised me that I made such a bright, happy rug. I'm naming it "Happy" in memory of a friend who had that name.
Something else I learned to do when I finished this rug was to make and print a label which includes a photo of the mat itself. I'm attaching a photo so you can see how cool this is. I don't know if you know of this product but here's the info on it, in case you're ever interested in trying this: It's called "InkJet Printing for use with Inkjet Printers & Injet Copiers by Jacquard". It's cotton on backing paper. I got it at Michael's. The package contains ten (10) 8-l/2" x 11" cotton sheets. It is not adhesive backed, but once you print the label, you peel off the cotton and affix it to your rug. As you can see, I used a very amateurish blanket stitch. This produce is not cheap--the package costs about $25 or so--but I figured the rug was worth it. I had heard of taking a photo to attach to one's label so that there will never be any mistaking what rug the label belongs to so I decided to try that and I'm quite pleased with the result.