Thursday, February 10, 2011

Trish Johnson's Rugs - part four

As interesting as it was to see all of Trish's rugs on Saturday....what really caught my by surprise were her little art quilts. They were all the more wonderful because I arrived expecting rugs - not quilts. All of these quilts are companion pieces for rugs that she hooked....and I think that they make great little studies. I didn't think to ask which came first (Trish, if you read this....maybe you can fill me in?).

Regardless, I think quilts such as these would be a great way to try out a design idea, sample colour combinations or play around with composition - without requiring the same time commitment as hooking a big rug.

I was particularly fascinated by the backs of these pieces. The sometimes random thread colours, the interesting designs and the stitches coming together to form a simple sketch, without the clutter of the fabric colours or patterning.

My new sewing machine is capable of doing free-motion quilting, and I've been looking forward to taking a chunk of time and having a big play and experimenting with it (still waiting for things to settle down....LOL!) I've been waiting for years to give it a try -- ever since I set eyes on Diedre Scherer's fabric portraits.

From everything I've read on line, it can take a long time - and a lot of practice - to really get the hang of FMQ - which makes Trish's quilts all the more impressive in my eyes.

Thanks again to Trish for sharing all of her creations, and allowing me to share them on my blog. What a treat! :-D