Monday, April 18, 2011

Belleville coin purses

Purses in the foreground: Judy's Klimt, Sue's Godseye, Barbara's Tweets

I drove through rain, sleet, slush, snow, and big fluffy finally arrive home yesterday at suppertime. Luckily I got an early start on my trip -- those Belleville girls are speedy -- and had my wits about me for the drive home.

It was a wonderful weekend....and another reminder about how much and why I enjoy teaching. They are a great group of ladies and it felt a little bit like old home week, since I had met many of them before. I had another great visit with Christine, a terrific hostess and cook (and she is a new blogger – if you haven't already checked it out, just click on her name for a link), and a great get together at Glenn's place on Saturday night with yummy pizza from Paulo's and wonderful salads and desserts made by the ladies. Proof again that you never go hungry when hookers are near! :-D

All of this talk of food is making me hungry for supper....but I had better post some pictures first of the rest of the fabulous finished coin purses....

Tina's own creation

Tina's Hoot

Jane's Free

Glenn's Flutterby

back of Cindy's Hoot

Debra's own creation

Gloria's Bloom

Joan's Leave

Carol's Bully

Mary Anne's own creation

Christine's own creation

Liz's Fleurs