Monday, April 04, 2011

weekend update

My first goal for the weekend was to triumph over my taxes....and I can say (with much relief) that I am pretty much done. Yippee! I just want to do a double-check of the actual forms to make sure I wrote all of the numbers in the right places and that my math is good....and I will knock that off one night this week and then send for my refund :-D I celebrated with an early suppr of Saturday of banana pancakes, yummy Maple syrup from Campbellford (thanks Harmony!) and wonderful Creamy Earl Grey tea (thanks again Jill!)

This photo pretty much sums up the rest of my weekend. The couch that has been piled up with wool for weeks is now back to normal -- and all of the wool has been cut into Crazy 8s. I was starting to feel a little crazy by the end (about hour 13!).....but the carrot of finally being able to sit down and try out my new hook was sufficient motivation. After the lint was vacuumed up, I sat down and started hooking on a new simple runner to sample all 16 new shades. I love my new hook, and can't wait to get back to working on my runner tonight -- and hopefully make a bit more progress with a shift off the comfy couch....