Monday, April 25, 2011

new label idea

I've mentioned before about my love for using printable fabric to make labels for my rugs and other hooked items....but lately I've been trying to come up with a new way of attaching them. The problem I seem to have is that the cut edges fray -- whether they are straight-cut or pinked....and I find folding them back to be very awkward and they never seem to press easily (or perfectly straight). None of that really much matters now -- since I came up with a new way of attaching them today: ultrasuede.

Basically I used a fabric glue stick to baste them in place on the Ultrasuede.....(next time I think I will try to use some sort of 'wonder under' or other two-sided fuser, for more stability long-term)

Then I sewed around the outside, using a wide stitch, to attach them more permanently. I tried just a regular zig-zag first, but when it was a little puckery, I tried a herringbone-like stitch....and found it worked a lot better. After they were sewn in place, I simply trimmed away the excess fabric, leaving a border of about 1/4" of Ultrasuede on all four sides.

And, they were ready to attach. Since Ultrasuede is durable and doesn't fray, it's easily and neatly sewn by hand to the back of a rug (I use a glover's/leather needle and matching Upholstery thread). I have the distinct feeling that there will be a lot more labels like these in my future....

P.S. The text is a little blurry when you click on the pictures, but if you want to read the care instructions, here's a clipping from my Photoshop file....(you can click on it to enlarge)