Monday, May 02, 2011

with thanks

I am feeling full of gratitude today. Thankful for everyone who came by my booth this weekend...whether they bought a little or a lot, or came by just to say 'hi'. Wow, it was sure a wonderful weekend. Thank you so much for all of your support....and thank you to the organizers for doing such a good job.

I'm also very grateful that all of those boxes are no longer occupying my bathroom, and I don't have to try to find a more permanent place for most of them to be stored. (Have I mentioned how small my place is...?)

I'm thankful that my mum and my sister could come and help, did it with smiles on their faces and were so great at it. I'm so glad that other family took care of my sister's kids, so that she could be with me. Where would any of us be without a supportive family?

I'm excited about the fact that I have only 2 more rug hooking events over the next two weekends, and then I have nothing really booked until September, when I go to England. At least nothing that really requires much from me in the way of preparation. The prospect of just being able to sit and work on Jumbo day after day is very enticing....

Speaking of England, I am feeling very fortunate to have been able to sit and visit with Heather on the weekend and talk about Reeth and the Yorkshire Dales.....and now I am more excited than ever for September. I'm also thankful that someone took the initiative to pass a shopping bag and collect an impromptu donation for Rug Aid at the banquet on Saturday night -- and I know that Heather was very touched by collection of $1700+

I'm appreciative of living in such an amazing country, and exercising my right to vote.....which I did on my way home today. I wonder who will be leading the country come tomorrow?

I'm also pretty happy about my new iPad. Yes, it finally arrived last week, in the middle of the flurry of work-work and rug hooking-work. It will be wonderful to be able to sit down and really start playing....

...and I'm thankful that the engraving will also remind me that I can't rest for too long!