Monday, May 16, 2011


Seeing the same pattern hooked more than once has never lost its fascination for me. Sometimes when you go to a rug show, you will see two or three of versions of a pattern....and of course there are the rugs I always seem to take pictures of whenever I see them (Antique Pineapple and Tumbling Cats, to name a couple)....and I love to sit and compare and look for differences between them.

Rare is the occasion when you can see NINE versions of the same pattern at the same time. On Saturday at R.U.G., the Georgian Bay group presented a program and shared the rugs they had created based on a Heartland Creations pattern by Sheila Klugescheid.....

It's so fun to see how each person has customized the pattern.....adding and removing elements, changing seasons, mixing in different techniques and materials, etc. Yet another reminder of how easily you can make things your own in rug hooking....and really, that is what makes it such an amazing artisan craft.