Tuesday, May 24, 2011

balls of colour

Over a year ago, I ordered a bunch of these felted balls, not knowing exactly what I would use them for....just feeling confident that they could make something neat. Somehow they got lost in the shuffle (that is my closet) and I happened upon them right before I left to teach a creativity workshop last Fall, so I brought them along. I guess other people felt (ha ha!) the same way, since I virtually sold out of them at the class.

Fast forwards a few weeks later, while teaching in Vermont, where I was introduced to creative jewellry fashioned by the youngest rug hookers I've ever had the opportunity to teach: Sammy and Lexi....

My pictures hardly begin to do it justice....but suffice to say, I was very impressed -- and very inspired to create some of my own 'hooker jewellery'.

There was a bit of a time delay before I actually started though -- I had to order more felted balls first.....and then get around to granting myself some "play time", which finally happened a week or so before the Annual.

I found it easier to wind up a bunch of quillys (? --> I've heard that's the name given to the wheels of wool, but I've never seen it written before), pin the end in place and then sew a bunch at once. A sort of mini- assembly line.

To sew, I use matching thread, a long doll's needle, and stitch through the diameter of the quilly in multiple places, that that the stitch pattern is similar to the spokes on a bicycle wheel.

After I have a good collection of quillys, I picked out some coordinating balls and beads and started threading...

I've made two so far. The extra-long necklace on the left is mine, and the shorter, more condensed one was my mum's Mother's Day gift (she picked out the balls, and I did the rest).

There are lots of more ideas swimming around in my head...so I'm sure there will be more necklaces to come.