Sunday, May 08, 2011

fun few days

I'm freshly home from teaching for the last couple of days in Orillia. It was great to reconnect with lots of familiar faces and to meet a few new ones, too, including Elizabeth (who blogs here).

I drove down on Thursday after work and got settled into the old school house....and Friday morning we started playing with colours and did lots of different exercises with paper swatches. The most surprising part for me was when I asked everyone to pick their least favourite colour from 100 possibilities, and at least half of the class chose the same dark orange. (My least favourite colour is yellow BTW -- what is yours?)

In the afternoon, we started sorting and organizing the wools that people brought for their projects. There was so much was wonderful. I think that one of the (few) negative things about teaching rug hookers is the wool envy that results. As we all know, there are billions of wools and colours.....and whenever we gather with other hookers, there are always pieces that are new to us -- and they usually are little bits that had a previous life as a skirt or a jacket, and will likely never been seen again.

On Saturday morning, I discovered that Lynda had brought some oatcakes that she had made using the recipe on Deanne's blog. I think it was the next best thing to being in Nova Scotia (.....and since they were smaller than the ones Deanne serves in her classes, I could (and did!) eat more than one free of guilt :-D )

Saturday was spent figuring out everyone's design and getting started on the hooking part. As usual, I didn't take nearly as many pictures....and was scrambling to take a few at the last minute. I even had to rescue a few from bags and baskets, since clean-up was well underway.

(from top to bottom.....Cheri's Aztec, Lynda's Simple, Margaret's Zippers, Pat's Aztec, Isabelle's Aztec)

Now that everyone has mastered the basics, I'm sure that they will be making swift progress at home.....and I can't wait to see their finished mats!