Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 5 + 6: Reeth and Grinton

Yesterday was a busy day in class. I ended up staying late and chatting with the ladies, and enjoying a little G+T (thanks again, Brenda!). I was so busy that I didn't have time to take a single photo, until I realized that was the case. So here is the lone photo from yesterday - taken in the classroom...

And here are all of the finished projects. The ladies did a wonderful job, and were so lovely to have in class. I really enjoyed myself this weekend. Wonderful place, wonderful people, good food, gorgeous views. Really great.

I've taken individual shots of all of them and will post then later, when I have more spare time. Sorry the snap is a little blurry....I didn't realize until I'd uploaded it....
• • • • • •
As promised here are the two auction acquisitions. This lovely proddy mat is intended to be sat upon. It was created by Sue Gilmartin.....and I love it. The colours, mix of all different fabrics, not to mention the technique itself, is so typical of this area. It will be a great keepsake, and it's so bright and lovely and comfortable — I know that I will be using it a lot when I get home.

I also happily succeeded in bidding on this great book. I thought it seemed familiar at the time, but I couldn't quite figure out from where. Last night, I was catching up on a few blogs, when I realized that I had seen Sue Dove's work before on Deanne's blog. It sure is a small world!

• • • • • •
Thanks to Irene for sending me the following photos she took during our class. Maybe I will have to hire her to accompany me to all of my future classes -- I almost always forget to take many photos.....