Monday, September 12, 2011

The latest...

A couple of weeks ago, I received a call from a neighboring rug hooker named Barb who was getting ready to move and needed to downsize her stash. I was more than happy to come to her rescue.

When I first started rug hooking I would latch on to just about anything and everything to do with the craft...but as time has passed - and my collection has grown - I find that I need to be a lot more selective.

The sum total of my new acquisitions is visible in the previous photo. A stack of interesting and useful textures (mostly recycled, but with all of the work already done), a neat enamel pan with lid (does anyone know what this might have been in it's previous life?), and a very old book.

The book is neat....and one that I don't remember seeing before. Although many of the images are familiar, there are some new ones, too.

It's fun to add to the collection...and I've already cut up some of the wool to add to the border on Jumbo. No regrets about any of my newest acquisitions. I just hope that Barb is feeling the same way...

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In preparations for my trip, I've added a couple of new apps to my iPad to help me blog en route. The are Touch Up Pro (for cropping and shrinking photos) and BlogPress (for composing posts). This entire post was created using the two new apps. Uploaded the photos straight for the SD card, and everything. I'm sure that by the time I am home again, it will all be .'old hat', but for now I'm just happy that I got everything to work :-)