Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bullseyes - Day Two

This purse is turning out to be quite muted.....but I sorta like it like that. It's a real switch from the last one - now named Skeleflora (Wendie deserves credit for the name - she's always got good ideas). I think it will be another great everyday design....

I'm really loving how quickly it's hooking up - using leftover strips and slubby bits for everything other than the background is helping speed things is the simple design. Choosing the colours for the "buttons" seems to take the most time. I started pulling out a selection of strips that I'd like to include (a few each of teals, some greens, golds, browns, darker violets, etc.) and have them sitting on top of my frame. Rather than rooting through all of my bins each time I hook a new circle, I just look to the small pile on my frame. Fewer choices leads to faster decision making! ;-)

I was a little worried about the background being a little too dull for the grape handles I'd chosen, so I added in a couple of brighter bits to see if this might fix the problem. My initial reaction was dislike, but I left them in overnight to see how they looked in the daylight. They are now gone.

I still haven't quite decided what to do about the handle.... I seem to waver between the original grape and the brown. What do you think?

You can really see the handful of brighter strips in the above photo - they are not there anymore ;-)