Wednesday, July 01, 2009

visitors a plenty...

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians. We're pretty lucky to live in such a great country, eh? ;-)
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Back at the beginning of December 2008, I installed Google Analytics on my blog. Prior to this, the only way I knew if anyone was reading my blather...was if they told me. I don't have any real goals I'm trying to establish with my blog. There's no number of visits I expect to receive or anything like all comes down to my natural curiosity. I'm curious about where people come from (46 countries so far, but most people come from either the US or Canada...and strangely enough, slightly more from the US than Canada) and how they find me (35% direct - from a bookmark or typing my address into their browser, almost 50% are referred from other sites and blogs - thanks guys!, and about 16% come from search engines like Google).

Speaking of search engines, Analytics also reports on what keywords people have used to bring them to your site or blog. Here are some of the more amusing (and curious) inquiries that have brought people here...

fish eye balls for earrings
arrived late for meeting
worm in fish eye?
worms in rugs
cheap fish rugs
artest "henry pom"
rugs with eyes
my little pony rug
"sick with the flu"
curry hills sheep
fish eye injection
green stuff over the fishes eyes what is it
little pony eye

Clearly some of these people did not find what they were looking for on my blog....but I hope you do! ;-)

I'm off to do some hooking on the new purse, while I start watching season I of In Treatment. I've really been enjoying season II on Sunday mornings....and it will be good to get caught up on everything that happened last season. Back soon with a progress report.