Friday, March 02, 2012

Friday Fabulousness and Favourites

I'm so happy it's Friday. Even though I have a few things planned for the weekend, it will be great to have some relaxing moments at home, too. And get some major hooking done - I hope! Here is this week's list...

:: washing dishes by hand. The warm water is so soothing to my hands when I've been hooking up a storm. Sometimes I will fill the sink for just a couple of things, just so that my hands can have a little soak.

:: The Needle Emporium. While I've ordered from Julie lots of times before, this week brought my first visit the stone and mortar shop....and if I had to describe it in just one word, I think it would be overwhelming. There is just so much lovely to look at - and touch.....but in the end, after wandering around like a lost kitten, I settled on enough Tosh Vintage to knit a cardigan (maybe this one?) in the summer (in Graphite) and Tosh Merino Light to knit another Alga (in Manor). Oh, and I also picked up a few assorted balls of Noro Kureyon Sock for my mama - they were such a great price (just $12 a ball!) Even though I won't really have time to knit until after the OHCG Annual (at the end of May), I'm looking forward to having some great projects to work on at the campsite.

:: Lov Organic Tea. I love a good bargain....and I have a hard time resisting great packaging. So I quickly indulged in picking up a few boxes of All my Lov tea assortment at Chapters when I saw them in the sale stacks for 75% off (of the regular price of $27). And now that I have savoured my first cup, I am already wishing that I'd bought more!

:: fancy food shops. Last week, Elaine and I went to check out McEwan's....and practically drooled the whole time we were there. When my cousin Laura took me to Whole Foods for the first time, she told me to "always take a basket, never take a cart" (or you will have a heart attack when you get to the check out)....and the advice applies here, as well. Pricey, but oh, so interesting and exciting and delicious and decadent. Mmmmmmmmm.