Saturday, March 17, 2012

the vacuum - it's for more than just the floor!

The wool dust and lint is everywhere in my place right now, and I am practically counting down the hours until Jumbo is done (just 22 squares to go - hopefully I'll be basking in the glow of completion this evening) and I can finally do a very thorough - and desperately needed - tidy and dust. In the meantime, I've just been trying to keep it off the floor around my workspace....and when I had my vacuum out last night, I happened to glance over at my rug-less frame and realized that it was time to clean off the gripper strips again. Have you ever done it before? It's very easy to do....

Just remove any attachments from your vacuum (so that you're down to just the bare nozzle), and run it across the gripper strips. The lint gets sucked away tout de suit, but some of the short threads of wool might need a couple of passes. I used to be very anal and help them along with a hook or a bodkin, but now I just leave the stubborn ones – I know they will soon be joined by friends! :-)

While the attachments are off, you can also give your cutter a quick pass, too. I just hold the nozzle over top of the plastic separating rings and slowly turn the crank a few times. Don't forget the bottom set of heads, too!

Personally, I've never found the little brush (that comes with the cutter) to be very effective at removing the lint that builds up under the plastic rings. If you ever feel that it's difficult or requires more effort to turn the handle while cutting strips, my first guess is that your cutter is full of lint. If you leave it unchecked, eventually the plastic rings won't be able to move freely and will begin to chip -- not good! With a regular vacuum to clear all the lint away, everything runs smoothly.

Hopefully these simple housekeeping hints will keep your tools is top shape.....but sadly they won't stop the lint from flying through the air and landing everywhere! LOL!

Happy St.Patrick's Day!