Monday, March 12, 2012

Week 40: 84.4 square feet

By the time the weekend arrived, this week was starting to feel like the week that never was -- it flew by so quickly, with just a huge pile of work (real, not fun) in its wake. It was like springing ahead by 5 days, not just an hour. Instead of making up for lost time on Saturday, I took the youngest 3 nieces and nephews tubing....and then went up to my parents for my dad's birthday celebration. We spent a few hours preparing and assembling 32 Cornish Pasties for the feast (once everything is sliced and diced, we have an assembly line and each person is responsible for adding an ingredient...and my two sisters do the sealing and traying. Fun, delicious....and enough for leftovers!)

Needless to say, I'm not quite where I was hoping to be on this end of Jumbo's border....but still pretty good progress considering all but 2 squares were completed yesterday. Just 89 squares left to go, and I will definitely be back at the frame tonight (and hopefully every night this week!) If I can get a good chunk done this week, I should be able to squeeze in the last bit on the weekend - for an even 40 weeks of actual or intended hooking. Wowza! I still can't believe it! The end is soooooo close.....