Tuesday, March 06, 2012

prep work

I must confess, I didn't pull a single loop last night. Truth be told, my hands were rebelling a little bit, following the marathon session I pulled on Sunday. And yesterday's busy day at work catching up (and sending a whopping 110 emails while I was there, amongst other things) didn't really help. All morning long, I felt like I was 80 years old and suffering from arthritis, while I pecked away at the keyboard....willing my fingers to work properly. It was a lot better by the time I arrived back home, but I still though a little break might be in order.

Rather than completely 'waste' the evening, I decided to do what I can to make the coming evenings' worth of hooking easier. First I popped up my little table and started drawing the gridlines, counting out the threads between the different sized sections, and crossing my toes that it would all align when I got to the other side. And it did! Then I started arranging my knotted bundles of strips.....and was so happy to discover that I'd pre-cut almost enough. I guess spending all of that time over the last few weeks while I've been cut up bundles for the other sides was worth it in the end - I had enough to go this far.....

...and only needed to cut for 9 or 10 more squares (to fill in the holes, above).

But with all of these piles, I did need to come up with a system for keeping my plan straight....and happily discovered that I had more than enough lids from my bins stacked up and waiting patiently until I'm finished with the bins, and they're are ready to go back on the shelf.

When they're all stacked up like this, it doesn't seem like so much is left to do, eh? Just 110 squares to go, plus the checkerboard (the equivalent of 11 more squares). Tonight I begin again....

P.S. Thanks again for all of the Jumbo love....your comments are motivating me to the finish line! xxoo