Sunday, March 18, 2012

Week 41: 90 square feet (or thereabouts)

Well, I did it! Finished pulling loops on Saturday night, just after 8 o'clock. Pushed the furniture out of the way as best I could and then rolled it up and ventured into the bathroom to hop on the scales. (I sure hope that I never see such a large number when it's just me standing there - yikes!) When I did the math, it ended up weighing in at a whopping 43.3 pounds. I expect this number will shrink a bit once I cut away the excess rug warp around the edges, but imagine it will still be above 40 pounds. It's just tucked underneath in these pictures - the rug still needs a major pressing/steaming and binding.

It was my mum's birthday today, and we had a lovely day together. My sisters and I took her and AB and some of the kids out for all you can eat sushi feast for lunch (delish!), and then came home and sat around chatting into the evening, with cake and ice cream for supper. Somewhere in there we hauled my rug out onto the deck and attempted a photo shoot. It was impossible to get a proper picture of the whole thing at once.....without the aid of a step ladder or a professional basketball player - and we had neither nearby! Even my tallest sister couldn't get a square shot of the whole thing, while standing on a chair (that's her feet in the next picture - we're all wanna-be foot models in our family, I guess....LOL!). I will wait until later this spring when its a nice day out and spread it down on the grass and shoot it standing up above, on the deck. Hopefully that will do the trick!

Everyone wanted to 'try out' the rug, including the Pat (my parents' lab/Newf cross).....and these pictures help to show a bit of the scale.

I have a whole list of little things I wanted to mention about it, but they're still just darting around in my head, and I need to head to bed. I will try to jott a few down and share in a post later this week. For now, I'm just enjoying a little bit of bliss -- and finally again being able to sit in my living room without having to compete for space with wool bins and piles and the rug itself. Now onto the desperately needed dusting....