Monday, July 23, 2012

3 hours later

Abandoned projects.  We all have them - myself included.  Having unfinished business lying around (or hiding out of sight, but not out of mind) drives me nuts and pinches my I try force myself to finish off most things before I start another one.  Every once in a while, though, one will slip though my fingers.  Sometimes I get stuck and don't know how to proceed.  Other times it gets side-lined, usually in the name of tidying up (and once it goes away, it tends to stay away....because often the reason the mess is all out and about is because I'm stuck...).  So I guess it usually all comes back to being 'stuck'.

The good news is that I've learned that last year's (month's, week's, decade's) version of being stuck usually vanishes shortly after I haul the project out to see the light of day.  Whatever I might have thought of as insurmountable at one time, is often easily overcome with the benefit of time.  Sometimes this is because I've just worked it up into a much bigger problem than it really was....sometimes I learn to just accept whatever was bothering me....sometimes I've learned something new in the interim....and sometimes I simply decide that to try something and fail is better than having things hanging around gathering dust.  At least if it really doesn't work, I can toss the lot and assuage my guilt.

Remember the Table Mats I started making last summer?  They've been hibernating for a whole year now....and after talking about it for weeks, I finally got around to pulling them out tonight.  I think they were abandoned because I didn't know how I was going to sew on the binding - or if I even had enough fabric to make it.  But after three hours of ironing, cutting, making mitred seams (this tool is awesome - and works every time!), pinning, sewing, and pinning some more.....the first table pad is ready for action!

We are having a family gathering at the campsite this weekend, so it will get it's debut....and I will try to take some snaps of it in situ.  Once I try it out on the table and make sure it fit and works okay, I plan to resume working on pad #2.  In the meantime, it's looking like this....

Something tells me it's going to take more than 3 hours to finish off the next one....LOL!  But at least I know that I am going to have enough fabric to finish off the binding (I didn't quite use half on the first one...yippee!)