Thursday, July 26, 2012

Christmas in July*

Good things usually come in threes, so they say.  And They were right yesterday!  A couple of things I had ordered seemingly ages ago finally arrived - a big box of wool from Heaven's to Betsy and some yummy Noro sock yarn.  The surprise arrival was the newest issue of Selvedge.  Although the joy was pretty instantaneous with the first glance at each of these items, I think the real pleasure will be savoured over time. 

The wool yardage will have to be measured, cut and ripped into pieces.  Some will be washed to use 'as is' and the rest will be fodder for my dye pots (once the weather cools off, of course!)   The yarn will be knit into a new sweater pour moi.  Since first spotting pictures of the Cropped Jacket on Julie's blog a couple of months ago, I cannot seem stop thinking about this cardi from the new Noro Magazine.....

image borrowed from here

It's simply perfect - in every way.   The colours, the neat's just delicious!  The only downside was trying to track down the colourways used in the sample (I really love it, just as it is and I have no interest in changing a single thing - which is quite rare for me).  Since the yarn (Silk Garden Sock) was apparently discontinued and then brought back, many yarn shops cut it from their lineups....and with the launch of the magazine, most everywhere that still carries it is back-ordered on one or both of the two colourways used.   Persistence did pay off, though....and I was finally able to order it from Knitting Sisters – and even better, there was no customs or taxes due upon arrival!  :-)  Now I just need to finish off my Alga (2" from the bottom edging....and a few inches to add to each sleeve with my extra yarn), and I will be good to go.   There is nothing like an exciting project waiting in the wings to motivate me to finish the current one.  Hopefully I will be underway on the Noro early next week.

*It was only this morning that I noticed yesterday was also the 25th – a happy coincidence!  ;-)