Friday, July 20, 2012

I heart stamps

Yes, it's true.  And although I was a 'stamp collector' when I was a kid (soaking, tweezers, and special books - the whole bit!), there were several years in between when I didn't really pay too much attention to what was going onto my packages and envelopes.  Not quite sure what happened there, but for the last few years, I have returned to asking at the post office "do you have any fun stamps?"

When they do, I buy – and buy, if I really like them (because I've slowly learned that there can be droughts in the 'fun stamp' supply).  Sometimes I have to resort to buying whatever is available, but still, all is not lost.  It's the eclectic collection of stamps on an envelope that really makes me smile (not to mention watching the clerks trying to count up the value when they question whether or not I've put enough postage on...LOL!)  And with the dwindling amounts of personal mail arriving in mailboxes everywhere, I like to do what I can to pretty-up the packages. 

Aside from mailing out some orders (thank you, thank you! bisou, bisou! merci beaucoup!), I've been knitting away on my sweater.  I will post a picture soon (my attempts earlier in the week were just that: weak).   In the meantime, I'm heading off to the MAC show in Bracebridge this afternoon for some eye candy and inspiration....and maybe even a bit of shopping? ;-)  Happy weekending!