Monday, July 09, 2012


After a relaxing 48 hours mostly spent sitting lakeside, reading and sleeping in my tent, I am feeling a bit of excitement about the week ahead.  I've started knitting again (more on that tomorrow) and even started the internal debate about 'what to hook next'.  Thankfully the weather has cooled a bit, but it's still a little hard to contemplate starting a new rug project, given the forecast for later in the week.  I will also be posting more details about a series of projects I made in the Spring (the photo is a little tease).

I also received good news last night about another recovery - the rugs I posted about here have been found!
Good News,

The rugs have been found.  A young man walking his dog found them in a plastic garbage bag along a bike trail.  His dog was sniffing the bag and he opened it up and discovered the rugs.  He attends the church where the rugs were taken from and had seen the flyers about the rugs.  The rugs are in good condition with the exception of a few leaves and a musty odor.

I want to thank everyone who helped to spread the word by sending my note out to groups, adding it to blogs and websites.  Please resend to those same groups so everyone knows that the rugs have been found.
I heard from so many of you expressing your concern and that confirmed to me the unique friendships that we have within the rug hooking community.

Again thanks to all and have a wonderful summer,