Wednesday, October 17, 2007

day five: pretty everywhere

We had a beautiful, leisurely drive along the coast this morning. Starting from Truro shortly after eight, we drove through many small places along the way. Economy, Parrsboro, Spencer Island, Advocate Harbour, Apple Lake (?), Joggins...and everywhere else along the way. I also dragged Mum and AB off the paved road to the Cape D'or Lighthouse, just outside of Advocate. This is a must-see destintation if you are ever in the area. I stayed in the lighthouse keeper's cottage 2 years ago when I was here...and the food in the restaurant is divine. The only drawback is that you have to hike down from the parking lot, and then back up again when you're ready to leave. If you have mobility problems, you should still make a point of going -- the views from the top are spectacular, too...

This next picture was taken on the short road to the lighthouse...

We arrived in Amherst around one and went right away to Duncan's for lunch. It was just as yummy as I had remembered.

A few steps away is the doorway to Paradise. When I was here before, Deanne's studio was still located in her house, but she has recently moved into town. It is a really great place, filled with lots of beautiful rugs that you want to take home and hang on your wall...bundles and oodles of wool and other fun hooking supplies...and most of all with an exciting energy. We had not been in the store for 5 minutes when Ann Hallett popped in! It is so funny to see people from home when you're travelling. After our chat with Deanne and having filled a basket full of yummy bits of wool, sari silk and a package of notecards....we were off.

We made it to Heidi's place, encountered more hookers and naturally, more wool joined us for the journey home. I'm beginning to feel like the Pied Piper of wool - it just keeps following me, wherever I go!

We're all excited about tomorrow...not quite sure what to expect, but I know that it will be a great day! It is going to be pretty busy, though, but I will try to post (I wouldn't want to ruin this latest posting streak, after all ;-) )