Tuesday, October 16, 2007

day four: score!

Today was the best day of our trip so far. With a quick stop in at the coffee shop by the hotel, we hit the road bound for Peggy's Cove.

We couldn't believe how quiet it was - we were the only people visiting up by the lighthouse. Luckily, we arrived just in time to take all of the photographs we wanted--by the time we left several tour buses had arrived and we met about a dozen more on our way out of town! yikes! Here is a postcard shot of the lighthouse...

Here is another stereotypical shot of the fishing village...

We stopped at the Swiss Air Flight 111 monument, just outside of town. It is very tastefully done and quite a picturesque spot. All of the blueberry (?) bushes are turning a beautiful shade of red this time of year...

The only blip for the day was our most unfortunate encounter with an RCMP officer eager to meet his quota. Of course, it was only afterwards that both Mum and AB recalled having recently heard how fiercely they enforce the speed limits in the province. There will be a little less wool bought as a result of our (involuntary) contribution to the infrastructure fund.

After vowing to never, ever, return to Chester again, we headed for Lunenburg and Mahone Bay. We had a lovely lunch at the Knot Pub (great recommendation, Kathy!) and then had a great time visiting Have a Yarn in Mahone Bay. One of their staff will be coming to the symposium, too, so we will be watching for her. Mum finally let a few moths out (of her wallet) and bought her sea urchin from Amos Pewter that she'd eyed in no less than four different places before.

The highlight of the day was our visit to Doris Eaton this afternoon. She is truly a delightful lady and I loved every minute spent at her place. Doris will be one of the guest speakers at the Symposium in a couple of days...and I was glad to be able to have a visit with her before I have to "share" her with all of the other rug hookers ;-) This was the second time I've been to visit with her, and both times I have left wishing that I could stay for days. She is so welcoming and easy to talk to...I wish I lived closer and could visit whenever I wanted.

Tomorrow will be a busy day...driving along the coast, visiting Deanne's new digs, stopping in to shop at London-Wul, and eating at Duncan's. I can't wait!