Monday, October 29, 2007


Well, I was hooking like a madwoman on Friday...and so happy with my continued progress. I totally had visions of completing all of the hooking by the end of the month (like, in two more days). I knew that I would be out on Saturday and I was looking forward to spending a good chunk of time hooking on Sunday - and this was key in achieving my goal. Instead, I spent much of Sunday confined to "Leaf Torture" at my folks (which, by the way is the first year we've had the additional burden of snow floating through the air while we rake), and the rest of the day feeling miserable. So miserable that I just lay on the couch for the night without hooking at all. Not one single loop. Plus, I've almost decided that I may be happier if I add on another 6" to the length. The overall length will be 39" instead of the current plan of 33" (because I want all of the corner to match, I have to add in 6" increments). I will be happy if I can finish it sometime this weekend. (I already had the brainwave to bring it with me to Vermont in a couple of and I can just whip it in the evenings...)

The good news is that I am feeling better today. Not well enough to go to the gym (sigh), but good enough to go to work.

I was able to finish the knitting on another scarf this weekend and start a new one. So if you're on my Christmas list this year, odds are pretty good that you will be receiving a handknit scarf. I hope that's alright.

I also wanted to point out that Deanne Fitzpatrick has updated her diary to include her inspirational speech from the final day of the Symposium. Reading it is (almost!) like being long as you have an active imagination. Check it out.