Monday, December 28, 2009

all caught up

I'm home for a quick day of playing catch-up. I've been taking it easy for the last few days....eating, drinking, reading, playing games and just hanging out with family. It's been great!

Despite my neglect in the e-mail department, I'm happy to say that I'm all caught up now. My inbox is empty (and not because I declared e-mail bankruptcy! ha ha!) if you're still patiently awaiting a response, I didn't receive your message, so please try again.

Although I'm still on holidays through this week, I am heading back up to my folks tomorrow to finish off the last few days of 2009 with more R&Rs (reading, resting, relaxing, repasting, reclining, rejuvenating...etc.). I will be posting a few more pictures from my trip now and some more later...and I'm looking to starting some fun new projects in the new year ahead.