Friday, December 11, 2009

Snowed In

We were the recipients of about a foot and a half of snow last night...and everyone continues to be advised to stay home and off of the roads to let the snow plows do their work. I don't remember EVER seeing so much snow fall in such a short amount of time. It is really crazy. Even crazier is that they are saying that we could receive another 50cm again before morning. Yikes! I was already planning to take the day off work today, but now I've been able to do it free from guilt! ;-)

So Santa's workshop is back in full swing...and so far today I've finished a hat for Sienna, Leah's stocking, and zigged around the snow chicks. This evening I will start sewing them together....while I cross my fingers I'm able to got out tomorrow - I desperately need to buy some much needed filling for the ladies, in order to finish them....

I've had some questions about the stockings of thought I would give some background. The Christmas stockings were designed by my Auntie Jean (Jean Armstrong) and they are the reason I started rug hooking in the first place. AJ made stockings for my sisters and I in 1977...and continued to make them for our entire family, including husbands and wives, and babies and more babies. We were afraid that the tradition would be lost....and so I was nominated to learn how to make them, and took over as the "official stocking maker" about 10 years ago. To date, I've made 22.

A year or so ago, with AJ's permission, I taught a one-day workshop on our family's stockings...and in the process created an instruction booklet and paper patterns. A supply kit soon followed.

Both are available for purchase. The instruction booklet is $18 and the kit is $50. Pattern includes all the tools needed to create your own similar stockings...detailed instruction booklet with colour illustrations, charts for hooking a variety of decorative bands, full-size paper sewing patterns. Supply Kit includes pattern on burlap, pre-cut wool in 15 colours and pre-cut lining/backing fabric (enough to make two stockings....with leftover wool for more). Please note: the instruction booklet is not included with the kit.

This stocking I made earlier in the year for Evan was hooked with the kit colours....