Wednesday, December 09, 2009

My new Lite

A couple of weeks ago, Tony mentioned this on his blog.....and instantly I wanted one. It was such a bargain - what hooker could resist? Luckily I was going to be driving through Barrie just a few days later, and I figured that I would stop at Costco and pick one up. I went to Costco in Barrie, I cruised all the aisles, I asked several employees, and I even went to customer service to have them check the computer....but still, I came home Lite-less - and more than a little disappointed.

I contemplated putting out a call for these cheap Lites, in case it was just a Montreal thing....but figured I would give it another shot first, since I knew I was going to Toronto this past weekend. Success! They had a whole skid full of them at the Costco at highways 400 and 7, and somehow we found room in our already packed car for four of them! (only one is for me - and I bought one for Wendie. My mum bought the other two -- she claims one is for my Dad...) As with most other things at Costco, I doubt this will be a regular if you want one, you should really try to go soon.

They not only plug in, they also work off of an internal battery (which is said to last for 3 hours)....which is perfect for days when your hooking is portable. I don't think that anything will replace the fancy OTT Lite I have at home, but I'm really loving the idea of this portable Lite. And, at just $26.99, you can hardly go wrong. Can you?