Sunday, December 13, 2009

a quick comment about comments...

Apart from the fact that I love them....and I want them to continue, I do have a couple of other quick things to say. I've been getting hit with spam lately, particularly on the older I've enabled comment moderation for all posts more than 10 days old. You are still welcome to comment on any and all of my posts, but if you leave a comment on an older post, it won't appear right away (until I've had a chance to approve it). I really don't want to bother moderating all comments - not do I want you to have to decipher code in order to leave a I'm crossing my fingers this resolves the issue quickly and painlessly.

Oh, one other quick thing....if you ask a question in the comments and you don't click the box "email follow-up comments to" and leave your e-mail address, the answer will just be left in the comments - so you will have to check back later. If you do click the box and provide an address (only visible to me - not the whole wide world), I will e-mail you directly, as soon as I'm able ;-)

P.S. I'm pretty sure I've deleted all of of the spam comments, but please let me know if you run across any strays. Thanks!

P.P.S. It's snowing again! The snow chicks are finished, my presents are wrapped....and today I'm going to hunker down at home, busy clearing out my inbox, writing my Christmas cards, drawing a couple of patterns and (hopefully) making a last-minute hooked gift. Wow, that sounds pretty ambitious - wish me luck!