Monday, December 28, 2009

other things we did...and places we went

We saw a show on Broadway...very entertaining.

We went to the Guggenheim. I love the layout of this museum, where you start on the top floor and slowly walk down the spiral. It's hard to get lost - and hard to miss anything. The only disappointment is that both times I've visited (many years apart) the main exhibit hasn't really appealed to me. Hannah and I had lots of fun anyway, identifying the shapes and the stories in the paintings as we walked by.....very spur of the moment and quite imaginative -- and amusing when we both announced exactly the same thing at the same time.

We took the cliche carriage ride through Central Park. I'd managed to avoid it on my previous visits....but Hannah has watched a lot of "Sex in the City", so it was a required stop.

We did lots and lots of shopping, but not too much spending. Long line-ups (sometimes even to get into a store, if you can believe it!) helped you make sure you really wanted to buy things. We shopped along Fifth Avenue, hitting the flagship stores and the fancy department stores, too. We went into a Missoni store (have I mentioned how much I love the colours, patterns and designs of Missoni?) We shopped in Soho, where I managed to check out Purl and Purl Patchwork (and came home with a small bag of goodies from each place). I was amazed to discover how tiny the stores were - less than half of the size I'd imagined....

We went to the top of the Empire State Building. Unfortunately it was a cold and windy night, so we didn't stay outside too long - plus we lost track of time and missed the pre-dusk views.

We fit in a visit to the American Folk Art Museum. Again, the current exhibits were not my favourites (I've enjoyed my other trips there much more).....but I will definitely go back there again and again....

We caught a couple of movies: Up in the Air (good) and Avatar (amazing - and a must-see on the big screen).

We had an amazing and special dinner at The Buddha Bar (Ajna Bar)....very, very yummy food in a cool atmosphere. The only drawback was the bill - not exactly my idea of "moderately priced", Mr. Concierge. We ate a huge (and tasty) sandwich at the famous Carnegie Deli. We drank lots of Starbucks. We had indulgent room service. We ate at other good (but not really memorable) places...

We walked, and walked and walked. We also took the subway, bus and a couple of yellow cabs....but mostly we did a lot of walking. We did so much walking, that when I got home both my Doctor and I thought that I'd fractured a bone in my foot (luckily the xray was clean....and my foot is doing a lot better with all of the rest it's been getting...).

Over 5 days and nights in the Big Apple, we saw lots of things and went lots of places. We had a wonderful time.