Tuesday, February 02, 2010

snow clean

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I really needed to clean a few of my rugs....and finally got around to doing it on the weekend - thanks to Judith's reminder.

The conditions were perfect - it was very cold, dry, and there was lots of fine, freshly fallen snow. The only problem was that I don't own a broom. Luckily my Swiffer seemed to do the trick -- and it was really great for grinding the snow into the trouble spots. Plus, I lay the mats on top of a big snowbank right outside my door (of clean shovelled snow - no salt or sand.....I live in the country), so I didn't have to bend over quite so far....and there was a nice firm base underneath.

I was amazed at the difference it made -- it really does work. The rugs appear brighter and cleaner.....and it was so easy that I can't believe it's taken me 10 years to given it a try. I will definitely be doing this again and again.