Thursday, February 04, 2010


Being on the road for the last few days encouraged me to pick up an abandoned knitting project...and although progress was slow (and frequently interrupted, for long periods of time), I did get a couple of inches added. Fine yarn + small needles + slow knitter = very slow progress.

There are all kinds of free knitting patterns to be found on Knitty, including this one. Since I have a whack of leftover bits and bigger balls of Noro sock yarn, I've been mixing and matching while I go. I waffle between loving it and hating it....but I just keep telling myself that if I still don't like it when it's finished (if it's too loud), then I can always over-dye it just a little to tone it all down.

The gauge with the Noro is a little off, but I'm just going to add a couple of sections to the pattern to make it a little bigger. At this rate, the little shawl should be ready in time for the summer....