Monday, February 01, 2010

productive procrastination

Sometimes I just don't feel like doing what I want to do....or what I think I should be doing. Such was the case with my newest clutch - I just wasn't feeling it on the weekend. Rather than continuing to progress at a snail's pace or just wallow on the couch watching a movie, I decided to start a new project yesterday afternoon.

I love these simple geometrics with their rows of straight hooking that let me get lost in the colours and the pulling up of loops. Progress is swift, and I want to just keep hooking to see what each new wave of colour contributes. It's always changing....and it's so much fun. Plus, it's the perfect project to pick up whenever I'm home, without requiring too much thinking or over-analysing. I think it's the perfect prescription for my February blues.

Seeing how much I was able to accomplish in just one afternoon and evening made me wish I'd started hooking it on Saturday!

P.S. Yes, the pattern will be available....and I will also have a limited number of kits featuring the same wools I've used (I selected about 100 pieces of wool from my shelves - I'm not working from my leftover bins for this one!)