Monday, March 22, 2010

home sweet home

I had a wonderful time in New York and New Jersey....but I am happy to be home again, too. I've been spending so much time travelling lately for work, that it is nice to finally be home for more than just a few days in a row - and not have to go away again any time soon.

There were busy days and quieter days....and just the perfect blend of shopping, hooking, reading, chatting, eating, walking and exploring.

One of the highlights of my holiday was a trip to see the Grounds for Sculpture in New Jersey. It is a very cool place and unlike anything I've experienced before. There are over 250 sculptures carefully arranged amidst spectacular landscaping (even if the trees were just starting to bud). Here are some of pictures I took while we were there....

There are so many different styles and themes. There is truly something for everyone. One of my favourites was The Nine Muses....

(Not sure why I only ended up with close-ups of seven.....but it was all very cool.)

If you are ever nearby, I would definitely encourage you to visit. Plus, I hear the restaurant is pretty good, too ;-)