Sunday, March 07, 2010


With the kits I've been making lately (more news to follow in the weeks ahead...), my wool cubbies are starting to look a little depleted. For the first time in ages, there is actually room to spare in many of the squares that are almost always overstuffed.

It was definitely time to hit the dye pots and work on filling some of those holes. I spent much of Friday night getting ready....pulling out off-the-bolt wools and snipping and ripping it into chunks. I also started scouring the wool still in the cubby for pieces that could stand a little tweaking. Over-dyeing pieces of wool that you've already dyed can yield some truly amazing colours. I think it's one of my favourite ways to dye.....and it takes something you know you'll never use and turns it into something you want more of -- in just a matter of minutes.

I woke up early on Saturday, thanks to the early morning sun, and the pots were on the stove by eight. Six hours later, I was ready to haul the lot off to the laundromat. Here's what I brought home....

Going to the laundromat does make the whole process of washing and drying a lot faster, since they have those big machines, but it also yields a lot of strange looks. (Especially when you think about how you might look after your dyeing session.....ha ha!)

Now I have to do a little sorting of the shelves to find room for these pretties (and these marbleized pieces from a couple of weeks ago, too). I think that at the same times as I stack and sort each cubby, I'm also going to start a pile of 'uggers' in need of a makeover. This way they'll be ready for my next big dyeing long as I remember to do it, when I finally get around to reorganizing.