Friday, April 09, 2010

flashback Friday

I hooked this little mat in the Fall of 2005. It was started (and mostly finished) during a 3 day workshop at Deanne's place. It was a trip full of firsts: first of many trips to Nova Scotia (this Fall will be my 5th), first time hooking with roving, fleece and yarn (thanks to Deanne and Doris Eaton), first rental car, first time rafting, and first time travelling for such a long time on my own (10 days). It was all very wonderful.

When I came home, my sister told me it was her favourite thing I've done so far. It wasn't enough to make me give it to her, though - it hangs on my wall, bringing back lots of happy memories each time I see it.
• • • • • • • • •
I'm running out of early works to share, so not quite sure how many more of these flashbacks I'll be able to post. This might be the last one....