Thursday, April 15, 2010

MP by OP -- Deborah's Bala Bag

Talk about perfect timing -- just when I'm at a standstill with no work of my own to talk of a completed project arrive! ;-)

This lovely bag was hooked by west coast artist Deborah Groom. She took my Bala Blank Canvas pattern and designed her own motifs to decorate the surface. I love it....and the colours are screaming Spring to me -- in a very good way.

She writes, "The design is a contemporary take on the evil eye amulets that you see throughout the Mediterranean. In a couple of weeks I'm heading to Istanbul so this will make a nice conversation piece."

Oh, to be able to travel inside Deborah's purse....
• • • • • •
You should check out her site, where you can see some of the very cool pine needle baskets and other things that she creates....and her blog, where she writes sporadically about interesting things.