Sunday, June 13, 2010

making a plan

I had to do my first bit of ripping out this week, and I didn't like it. With my laxidasical approach to colour planning this rug, I managed to run into too many of the same colours quite close together and at least two shapes that looked very similar. With so many colour choices available it amazes me that this can happen -- but when the rug is on my frame, I can see only a small portion of the whole thing.....and it can be hard to remember what is happening beyond the window of my frame.

Since I'm no longer completing one shape before moving onto the next one, organization is beginning to play a major role. Every time I hook a swath across (about 6"), I am hooking about 10 different shapes (each shape is comprised of 4 colours) and starting at least 3 new shapes.

Because I hate to rip out (regardless of what you call it, it's unproductive), I decided I needed to spread out the rug and make a bit of a plan. So yesterday I laid out the rug and started picking and choosing and laying colours on top of one another in the approximate order they will be hooked. I'm also keeping the cut wool in piles on top of the bigger pieces of fabric.

These piles should last for several days....I hope! I will be back tomorrow with a progress report, and you'll be able to see some of these piles hooked into the mat.