Friday, June 18, 2010

neat trick

I tend to follow rules in most aspects of life, 'cause I really don't like to get into trouble....but rug hooking is one place where I don't always conform. For example, I don't always clip a strip at the end of every row. Instead, I fold the strip on the backside and most often hook with the other side of the strip in the next row.....but sometimes the wrong side is so different, that it's just wrong, and then I twist it around to keep the same side on top. Regardless of which method I'm using to avoid having so many tails, it requires a little finesse so that the first and last loops stand tall and straight.

After hooking so many AMMs, I've almost perfected my technique -- or so I thought. While at the Powassan hook-in a couple of weeks ago, Wendie showed me a neat trick that practically guarantees that the ends of your rows will be straight. It's so simple, I can't believe that I didn't think of it – and noone had shown me – before. Here's what you do...

After you finish hooking on a given row, insert your hook through the last loop hooked before pushing your hook down into the hole to start your next row...

Pull up your first loop of the new row (both loops will be on you hook at once), adjust the height as necessary....and presto -- two perfectly straight loops...and a smoother back, to boot!

A couple of fine-tuning things I've noticed....
  • you might want to use a straight hook (not a bent hook) for this trick
  • your hook needs to be long enough and fine enough that it doesn't inadvertently pull your last loop higher, while you dig for your first loop
  • if your finished loop height is too high, try starting with a shorter last loop