Sunday, June 27, 2010

Week Five: 17.45 square feet

I put my theory of "no stressful and horrible dreams after an evening of hooking" to the test this week. I hooked 6 nights out of 7 – and had great sleeps for each of those nights....but the only night I didn't hook it was awful (and enough to keep me hooking on the remaining nights of the week!)

The rug is starting to get a little cumbersome, and to make it a little easier to shift it on and off the frame (I'm afraid the weight + gravity will cause it to stretch in a weird way, so I lay it on the floor every night), I'm started keeping it rolled more tightly, so that less of it is showing at once. I also switched my strings on the topside to pieces of selvedge, after several of pieces of yarn broke under the strain. So far the selvedge seems to be doing the trick, and I've started using them like handles to move the rug around. It helps.

On Saturday I plotted out the colours for the rest of this side of the centre section. I unrolled the whole previously hooked section so that I could do a better job of balancing out the colours over the whole piece. And then I took a photo. Since I expect it will be a few weeks before I've used up all of the piles, I will be able to refer to it when I need remind myself of the plan...