Monday, June 07, 2010

Week Two: 6.75 square feet

I didn't start hooking on Jumbo until Sunday this weekend....but I had a pretty productive day. Despite taking a few days off last week - and having some short nights of hooking - I am happy to report that I'm still on track (3.3 square feet per week).

I've started choosing colours on the fly....and this has met with mixed results. Since it's just soooo big (this centre section will end up being about 63" across, and it's already about 54" across), it's hard to see what colours are around when it's on the frame. I am going to do a little surgery later on the newly started shape on the right (kinda peachy neutral) and replace it with more of a colour.

It's certainly fun to watch it grow -- I just hope that it continues to motivate me to keep going....